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Admissions open for upcoming academic session 2014-15. Please contact to Admission office of the Campus.

The term of the next academic year 2014-15 will start from 23rd June, 2014.

External Examination of Sem II, IV, VI & VIII will start from :

B.B.A.(G), B.B.A.(Hon)HM, B.Com. – 15th  April, 2014

BCA – 04th  April, 2014

New Proposed course for academic year 2014-15:  BBA-Hotel Management & Tourism - 3 Year Degree in BBA( HMT)

Industrial Exposure Training for Hotel Management courses has been done for academic year 2013-14.

Campus Recruitment Drive has been initiated and received very good response from the best hotels of India and abroad.

Term End Examination of TEB Course will start from 15, April 2014.

Sports week Organized in January 2014.

Chocolate day, Group day, Mismatch day, Rose day, Signature day, Traditional day celebrated in February 2014.

Debate, Quiz, Mehendi, Rangoli Competition conducted in February, 2014.





Anand is said to have been established by a Gosai named ‘Anandgar’ during the ninth century. The town played an important role in the Satyagraha movement. Anand occupies a very prominent place in the dairy industry, not only in the country but also in the world. The Kheda District Co-operative Milk Producers’ Union, the most unique of its kind, was established in 1946. The Amul Dairy project, started in 1955, was the first in India to produce milk powder, condensed milk and baby food. It also produces butter, ghee, cheese, chocolates, pizzas, soups and ice creams. In addition to all this as it were, the people of Anand have cast an extraordinary illustration through their rich cultural background, heritage and positive nature to the outsiders.



As all great cities have their history, so too the Educational Township of Vallabh Vidyanagar! The history of Vallabh Vidyanagar is actually a miracle — a dream transformed into reality through the vision, grit, determination and dedicated efforts of two visionaries, the founding fathers of Vallabh Vidyanagar —
Shri Bhailalbhai Dhayabhai Patel, fondly known as Bhaikaka, and Shri Bhikabhai Kuberbhai Patel.

It would be impossible for the students, who have seen Vallabh Vidyanagar as a prosperous, developed, pollution-free city, to believe that Vallabh Vidyanagar was once nothing but wilderness. But Bhaikaka and Bhikabhai, a penniless but visionary duo, who wanted to pay a humble tribute to the great Sardar Patel, transformed this wilderness into a township of learning. It was also the inspirational support of Sardar Patel to the efforts of Bhaikaka and Bhikabhai, his faith in its success, and the benediction of Mahatma Gandhi that the dream of Vallabh Vidyanagar could became a reality.



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